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A great blog post from Reading Room UK (via @sarah_vick) about five web design myths. Obviously I like it because  I so strongly agree with 1,2 and 5. Probably the most surprising one is 3 about text re-size and there is food for thought in 4 about content linking.

The other article I meant to blog about last week was this article from BBC UK titled Colour: Different points of hue. One of the areas I’m curious about is the degree to which our cultural background affects how we perceive web design and information architecture. That includes the structure of language and how users respond to imagery and text. Many of us have read information about different cultural perceptions of  colour. What is startling about this article is that our English understanding of a colour definition might not be the same as someone from another country’s definition.

I have come across this before in real life with my husband’s colour naming which while in English is based on his parents’ Dutch classification system (we have a totally different understanding of purple) but hadn’t realised that this wasn’t just a result of second language English but could be even more culturally determined.  I’m not sure that I’ll end up being more patient with him but it might remind be to give him an actual example when I want something in a particular shade! Which might also be a good idea with clients as well.


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