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I’m really intrigued by a link Karen shared on twitter for a site called Eat Your Books which let’s you search all the cookbooks you own. It is such a tempting proposition and I have so many cookbooks (which I do use from time to time!) that I am seriously considering paying out the $25 annual subscription without even experimenting with the trial.

After a freezing cold day yesterday and chilly morning I have to say that I wasn’t feeling the love for Wellington today. And then a little miracle happened. I went to have my haircut at the hands of my amazing stylist RJ at Calibre (those who know me well know that I used to time my visits back to get my haircut) and ended up chatting with Craig, Suzanne and RJ about how I wanted to browse the Neil Dawson  exhibition at Paige Blackie gallery as I’d been walking past as they installed it. And somehow when I walked outside, the sculptures outside the InterContential were lit up and the spotlights on the Old Bank – it had gone from freezing to winter cool and Wellington was magical again – I was glad to be home.

On the more techie side of the equation Craig at work shared this link earlier in the week to LeanPub a site that lets you self publish your own digital books. I’m  increasingly curious about how the world of books can potentially change when authors can control their own distribution. I have to say the one issue that needs to be resolved with some of the self published books I’ve read is that good editing is in short supply!

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