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Just to prove my point

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in accessibility, baking, digital citizenship, eqnz | 0 comments

One of the issues of digital citizenship in education is about helping kids to understand about the potential longevity of information about themselves they post online. Jeremy Keith would argue that the internet being forever is bollucks.

As if to prove that point before I left work yesterday I did a search on Cuisine for one of my favorite recipes so I could pick up the ingredients on the way home. I tried this search last year in  Australia when I realised I had lost the original, with no success, largely because I tried to use the ingredient advanced search. One of my NZ friends proved that simplicity is the way to go by finding it by just putting in the name in the recipe search, which is what I did yesterday. No joy – after several variations I gave up. The internet is not forever. Fortunately I did have a printed copy at home.  However next time I find a recipe online I’m also going to use that handy print to pdf function which means I have an electronic copy as well (note to self: remember to back up)


In terms of what I found that was interesting online yesterday – I came across a blog by Marco Zehe. The  post was about not hiding tags properly so they were still readable by screen readers even though they weren’t visible to sighted users. Marco works as a developer at Mozilla and just happens to be totally blind. His blog offers some great insights into accessibility issues including a great post about social media platforms .  A lot of the content is on the technical side for me but still very readable.

The other blog post I caught up with yesterday was the story of David Haywood moving his red-zoned house from Avonside to Dunsandel. David’s descriptions of life post earthquake and the difficult decisions they have had to make  about their home has been compelling reading over the last year or so but I had lost track a little. Now they are on the move and I can only wish them all the best for their new location (and pray the weather holds over the weekend)





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