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A fresh start

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Several years ago I started a couple of blogs, one of which I posted to fairly regularly. I created it as a bit of a journal of some changes I was making in my life – mainly to slow down and take the time to create a creative space.  I reduced my working week to four days and from there to working from home part time contracting.

Then in June 2010 we moved to Brisbane and I ended up working full time again. I didn’t particularly mind that, but I found that while there were still topics I wanted to write about, many of the posts never got much beyond drafts.

Now I’m/we’re  back in New Zealand again. While I’m not sure I have that much more time to write, a couple of things I heard at Webstock highlighted for me the value of maybe (a) starting to blog again and (b) doing it properly on my own domain.

Jeremy Keith talking about  being wary of expecting online services to be there forever can take the credit for the second decision – I may have to browse through the programme again to be reminded who commented on great bloggers being reduced to mediocre tweeters. (ETA I’m pretty sure it was Scott Hanselman It’s not what you read its what you ignore) I certainly don’t expect I’ll ever be able to claim a great blog,  but I do work in a collaborative online environment. That comment highlighted an issue I was beginning to experience  of not being able to find the clever new tool or interesting research I saw tweeted/facebooked a couple of weeks ago – and at times having to do a quick re-read to recall why it had seemed important and/or useful at the time.

This blog wont be totally techie, I still have an eclectic life!  But it will be a bit of a storehouse of what is useful to me and may be useful to you.


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