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Posts made in August, 2014

Little sparkles from social media

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Last night I congratulated a Facebook friend who announced that they were expecting their first baby in a few months. This particular connection worked with me on a project team for a few months several years back when Facebook was still a new thing and we were early adopters. Earlier this week I sat beside another acquaintance from my web/social media networks who was blossoming with her second baby due in October. Both events for me were special moments of joy – the most recent in a...

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Fresh beginnings

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As I frequently check out the site link of new followers on twitter, it has been bothering me for a while that this blog has been neglected for so long. It is not unique in this respect, I have another blog and two sites I look after for my mother which have been equally ignored. Anyway – this weekend I started a bit of a spring clean of my technology, starting with a rebuild of my Macbook which was sending me pathetic messages that my start up disk was full. As the family IT service...

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