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Posts made in May, 2012

Questions of complexity

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I have to say I’m loving Flipboard on my ipad after one of the guys at work showed it to me – particularly the way it handles the twitter feed. Last weekend was one of technical disasters when I did a firmware upgrade on my Macbook Pro that didn’t complete properly. After the simple stuff didn’t work I finally utilisied sufficient patience and care to access the utilities folder and went through the process of checking the hard drive (wasn’t that), re-installing...

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To start the week

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A great blog post from Reading Room UK (via @sarah_vick) about five web design myths. Obviously I like it because  I so strongly agree with 1,2 and 5. Probably the most surprising one is 3 about text re-size and there is food for thought in 4 about content linking. The other article I meant to blog about last week was this article from BBC UK titled Colour: Different points of hue. One of the areas I’m curious about is the degree to which our cultural background affects how we perceive...

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A slightly random selection

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I’m really intrigued by a link Karen shared on twitter for a site called Eat Your Books which let’s you search all the cookbooks you own. It is such a tempting proposition and I have so many cookbooks (which I do use from time to time!) that I am seriously considering paying out the $25 annual subscription without even experimenting with the trial. After a freezing cold day yesterday and chilly morning I have to say that I wasn’t feeling the love for Wellington today. And...

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