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digital citizenship

Little sparkles from social media

Posted by on Aug 25, 2014 in digital citizenship | 0 comments

Last night I congratulated a Facebook friend who announced that they were expecting their first baby in a few months. This particular connection worked with me on a project team for a few months several years back when Facebook was still a new thing and we were early adopters. Earlier this week I sat beside another acquaintance from my web/social media networks who was blossoming with her second baby due in October. Both events for me were special moments of joy – the most recent in a...

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Just to prove my point

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in accessibility, baking, digital citizenship, eqnz | 0 comments

One of the issues of digital citizenship in education is about helping kids to understand about the potential longevity of information about themselves they post online. Jeremy Keith would argue that the internet being forever is bollucks. As if to prove that point before I left work yesterday I did a search on Cuisine for one of my favorite recipes so I could pick up the ingredients on the way home. I tried this search last year in  Australia when I realised I had lost the original, with no...

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