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Moving on

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Note: This post was written over four months – started end of November, picked up again in December and finished in February It has been a long time since I posted to this blog – not so much for lack of an anything to say but lack of time, and more often than not, the energy to say it. Looking back I think I lost my way a bit this year (2012). I got headed off into a bit of cul de sac career wise that in retrospect was a “not quite” that the universe rescued me from. On...

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Just to prove my point

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in accessibility, baking, digital citizenship, eqnz | 0 comments

One of the issues of digital citizenship in education is about helping kids to understand about the potential longevity of information about themselves they post online. Jeremy Keith would argue that the internet being forever is bollucks. As if to prove that point before I left work yesterday I did a search on Cuisine for one of my favorite recipes so I could pick up the ingredients on the way home. I tried this search last year in  Australia when I realised I had lost the original, with no...

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